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Typically, the consumer would prefer that if the decision to use a piece of information is made, the application of the information is painless and essentially automatic.The consumer would prefer to be insulated from the prospect of damage caused by incorrect information.The consumer would prefer not to have to track changes continually in his own status and the status of the information provider's offerings.He would also prefer not to have to remember that pieces of information published some time before could have suddenly become applicable.

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The consumer would also prefer to have a method to inform himself about known problems with an information provider or with a certain piece of information before using the information.a digital signature, wherein a digital digest of said message is calculated, said digest is then encrypted using a selected encryption scheme, and said encrypted digest is appended as a signature to said message; and wherein a recipient of said message can decrypt said signature a corresponding decryption algorithm, whereby a successful decryption produces a digital digest which agrees with a value that said recipient calculates directly from said message.